Monday, June 10, 2013

[R]ed[U]x Lab's Night Market Cart Concept 2013

Many people have asked what the design intentions behind this year's Night Market cart design and the team has been fairly secretive about their work.  As the Night Market event is a week away, it is time to finally outline the design from its initial concept submitted a few months ago including an initial conceptual sketch:
Dissemination Via Disassembly

The 2013 [R]ed[U]x Lab design proposal for The Stop Night Market cart embraces the notion of change over time. Despite the brevity of the event, many variables evolve during the evening including the ambient light, volume of people, and food availability.  The design serves as both a vessel for the display and serving of culinary works, but also an artifact accentuating the event's dynamics.  Using a digitally fabricated framework, the design serves as a lattice supporting a tessellation of components that may be removed or altered by attendees ultimately transforming the cart into a lantern by nightfall.  The premise is that upon coordination with the assigned culinary organization, [R]ed[U]x Lab would design the components to create a suitable taxonomy of units ranging from serving containers or utensils to small lights or keepsakes.  The design intent is that the cart begins the evening as a monolithic mass that, over the course of the event, is dismantled and disseminated throughout the crowd casting a wide network of illumination while simultaneously transforming the cart into an illuminated focal point as the night draws to an end.

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