Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Making the trip to do "stakeholder research"

With the success of last year's Night Market cart project, more students from across the architectural science program have joined the [R]ed[U]x Lab's various initiatives.  Aside from the great experiential learning opportunities and portfolio skill building, the participants occasionally enjoy additional benefits  such as meeting clients and different stakeholders in the design process.

This year the team has been paired up with Cote de Boef and Woodlot as the Night Market will happen on TWO nights as opposed to the single evening last year.  With Woodlot, the [R]ed[U]x Lab team takes a great deal of pride in working with David Haman and his team for the second time in as many years at this great charitable event.  As with last year, some of the [R]ed[U]x Lab team went over to visit David at Woodlot and literally got a taste of things to come.  A quick streetcar and bike ride down from Ryerson University, the visit to Woodlot offered great insights and coordination with David in developing a stronger, more cohesive design.  A great time was had by all and the team hopes that this year's cart will complement the offerings the culinary stars have to offer!

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