Friday, October 28, 2011


As the project comes to a close, I have provided some pictures of our finished lamp that will hopefully be considered for the installation. Our biggest concern the last couple days has been regarding the 3D fabricated connection conditions, as our final test ended up being a dud. Here is a picture of the final 'claw' vertex iteration that ultimately failed due to its scale and lack of friction.

What was ultimately done was just an up-scale of the existing interior connections that had worked perfectly very early in the iteration process, here is an example of the more friction based clasp design.

The connections were printed in white to accentuate the geometry within the lamp. Due to the monochromatic nature of the lamp, the distinction between the edge and face conditions is somewhat blurred, but clearly defined once the contrasting connections are implemented.

Here is a final set of pictures of the lighting, and the comparison from the prototype to the finished product!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sericeous by dadinsky + eun ko

to be continued....

The 3am Post Part Deux

We have come up with a new structure to work with the two main portions of our lamp. This new revised structure will feature less pieces (for faster and easier assembly), but also be easier to comprehend and follow with instructions.
Modes of attachment 
The new structure

The newly design lamp

Sketches of new lamp design

Back for more later...

kevlar + betty

The 3am post

So we went from several bulbs for the lamp to two major bulbs and a new structure. Below are the initial stages of the multi-bulb lamp. The complexity of the lamp may greatly affect the assembly time of 30mins so it was decided to think of a new design.
Structure of lamp with light bulb

Base disc attached to structure. The base disc is one end of a 'bulb'
Illumination of lamp with initial structure

These sketches show our initial process of having a multi-bulb lamp. The sketch to the left, shows the bulbs and the initial structure.

ilovelamp_3 (our parti inspiration)

....jking :)

As we move into the final stages we have been finishing up a few things and testing a couple of final iterations. The inner acetate membrane has had several versions recently making sure that thier is a tight connection to the structure. We also created a scaffold which we can build our outer membrane around and ensure that when we sew it, it will be easy to assemble and fit snugly. Our final knuckles and shoulders are in the chemical bath now and we will have them soon.

good luck everyone on finishing.

Love from, Miles and Ivan

Monday, October 24, 2011



Below are the latest set of iterations of our lamp (Miles and Ivan). One of the first issues we needed to solve was that of the mechanics and connections of the opening arms. One of
the biggest issues here being tolerances for movement and snap connections. We 3D printed a series of "knuckles" to test these qualities. From this test we were able to create a new model with 50% percent less volume, reducing print time and material usage and streamlining the piece. Our next issue was finalizing other snap connections and structural members as well as the interior membrane. Through extensive snap tests we created a very solid and easily

assembled structure for the core of the lamp from which the inner membrane and dangly bits or "flagella" will be hung. The final piece to be finished is the outer membrane. Cheers!