Friday, October 28, 2011


As the project comes to a close, I have provided some pictures of our finished lamp that will hopefully be considered for the installation. Our biggest concern the last couple days has been regarding the 3D fabricated connection conditions, as our final test ended up being a dud. Here is a picture of the final 'claw' vertex iteration that ultimately failed due to its scale and lack of friction.

What was ultimately done was just an up-scale of the existing interior connections that had worked perfectly very early in the iteration process, here is an example of the more friction based clasp design.

The connections were printed in white to accentuate the geometry within the lamp. Due to the monochromatic nature of the lamp, the distinction between the edge and face conditions is somewhat blurred, but clearly defined once the contrasting connections are implemented.

Here is a final set of pictures of the lighting, and the comparison from the prototype to the finished product!

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