Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CUTMR 2012: Kick-off Meeting

On June 14th, 2011, all the selected artists for the Come Up To My Room 2012 event met up to be briefed on the parameters of the exhibition.  An incredible showing from various local schools of architecture and visual art programs has already set expectations high for what works could be exhibited within the Gladstone Hotel.  After introductions and outlining of artist guidelines by this year's curators, David Dick-Agnew, Noa Bronstein, and Deborah Wang, artists were allowed to select their top three choices for rooms on the second floor of the hotel.

RAD|Lab at CUTMR 2012

RAD|Lab was one of eleven  groups chosen to exhibit their work in a room at the 2012 Come Up To My Room design event at the Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto.  This exhibition serves as an opportunity for artists to showcase their work in one of the city's hippest venues.  The premise of the room design exhibit is that artists are selected based upon their portfolio of work by the show curators however the actual installation work that will be displayed is as much of a surprise to them as it is to the general public.  Though the work will be officially exhibited at the end of January 2012, RAD|Lab will use this blog to post updates on their design work over the coming months.

RAD|Lab Emerges

Though the Ryerson University's Department of Architectural Science has constantly produced high-caliber students mobilized for contemporary architectural practice, it has also fostered a strong culture of design inquiry and innovation.  The department has provided its students with the resources necessary to investigate an array of architectural issues most notably through its digital design and fabrication facilities.  From advanced parametric software and microprocessors to a robust array of rapid prototyping technologies, these tools allow students to seamlessly bring their ideas to reality.  Over the past three years, students within the architectural science program have produced work that goes beyond the realistic image and into a tangible imagined reality. Below are samples of student work from the past.

Oxalis Project

Bete Noire


Interactive Wall