Thursday, June 16, 2016

Aqueous: Night Market 2016 Cart

The [R]ed[U]x Lab Night Market Cart 2016 was a big hit this year and showcased a great deal of inventiveness by the students on the team in their reuse of materials from the studio renovation currently underway in the Architecture building. It was quite a rewarding event for yet another generation of students from the department in the execution of the design.

Video courtesy of Farah

Transportation is one of those logistic components that often gets thought of at the last minute. Fortunately the teams from Ryerson University's Department of Architectural Science were able to get the experience from past executions of the Night Market to get the works out of the shop and safely transported to the site (take note of the blankets!). When the teams brought all the carts to site the last minute checks on lighting and setup were done in preparation for the big event.

On Stools and Heat Shrink Membrane

The 2016 Night Market Cart design by [R]ed[U]x Lab consists of the re-appropriation of some of the old studio furniture that would have been otherwise thrown out during the renovation of the Architectural Science studios. The team decided to use the old drafting stools as an endoskeleton that gave rise to the geometry of the cart. The team had to use heat shrink film to serve as a unifying membrane over top the structure that also proved to benefit the design's illumination capacity.