Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Spots Keep Coming In: Toronto Life

Toronto Life just posted up an article on The Stop Night Market that not only included photos of the [R]ed[U]x Lab design, but it also captured the work of our counterparts from the Rhombic D team who, despite the size of their cart, were not as well documented on account of its location in the alleyway.  Needless to say, the photos captured a great deal of the energy from that great evening from the lineup at the entry all the way to the hustle and bustle of the night!
(Images courtesy of Toronto Life and Yves Freypons)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nice Time Lapse from The Stop Night Market

Here is a nice time lapse of the evening courtesy of Gabe Li. It is rather nice to see the [R]ed[U]x Lab cart light up and pop out among the other great carts.

The Stop's Night Market 2012 from Gabriel Li on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

And Another Look from Spotlight Toronto

Here's another post about the Stop Night Market from Spotlight Toronto. Nice to see he's a fan of the work on the carts! (Images courtesy of Suresh Doss)

"Each of the food vendors at the market partnered up with a local designer to create unique cart installations that represented the chef or restaurant's brand or culinary focus. Unfortunately, due to the crowds, the cart designs were easy to miss, but it was easily the highlight for me. Typically at food events in Toronto, vendors are caged within the confines of grey tables and white tents (public health), but the night market brought a very Asian feel to the show with the unique cart installations."

Friday, June 22, 2012

More Notable Mentions from The Stop Night Market

A couple more nice mentions came out today about the Night Market event this week.  It certainly is great to hear that others in the media and general public appreciated the work by both Ryerson University, Architectural Science teams! (All images courtesy of their respective sources)

(Article by Jessica Allen and images by Jenna Wakani)
"...The event, which sold out in three days, paired 27 food and drink vendors with 27 design teams–from established designers like 3rd Uncle Design and Brothers Dressler to Ryerson’s Department of Architectural Science– who created whimsical food booths that transformed the alley and parking lot beside Honest Ed’s into a spectacular market space."

At the height of the party (literally)

(Nice article by Rachel Lissner and images courtesy of Remi Carreiro)
"A group of Ryerson students called [R]ED[U]X was responsible for Woodlot’s cart, a wooden structure of graceful arcs and a tiered body with purple lighting. Vincent Hui, the Ryerson architectural science professor who got the students involved, sees architecture and food as a natural marriage. “It’s using fundamental resources for a fundamental need,” he said of the kinship between culinary creativity and architectural design. One of the students, Jason Ramelson, said that the studio visited Woodlot ahead of time to get a feel for the restaurant and incorporate its vision into the cart. He called The Stop’s event “an amalgamation of different tastes” and hailed its use of “informed architecture.”

Suresh Doss, the man behind Toronto’s Underground Market and a street food activist, commended the use of the well-located parking lot. “It’s prime real estate to use for an event,” he said, adding that it achieved the air of a garden party, reminiscent of food events in San Francisco and Brooklyn, and matched the vibe of the food served. He also raised a glass to the wonderfully designed carts and mentioned that Woodlot’s was one of his favourites. (Woodlot really liked the cart, too—Ramelson said that they were interested in buying it from [R]ED[U]X.)"



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Initial Stop Night Market Coverage

The response from the general public and media has been extremely positive and we are glad to see that the Ryerson University, Architectural Science Department's two booths were so well received.  Here are a sample of a few online reviews and postings about last evening's Night Market event (images courtesy of the respective media outlets).

 “But the night just wasn’t about the food and booze, as each vendor was also outfitted with cool booths created by local design firms and students; Brockton General‘s cardboard pegasus (courtesy of Fugitive Glue) and Woodlot‘s LED/wood structure (built by a group of Ryerson students) were incredible.”
“Woodlot’s beef crudo served from a beautiful wooden booth built by architecture students from Ryerson.”

“…[R]ed[U]x Lab's sculptural wooden creations also showcased the creative innovation behind some very talented designers. It almost made you forget that you were walking into the everyday alleyway you always pass by.”

“The impressive cart was the work of [R]ed[U]x Lab, a collective from Ryerson’s Architectural Science Program.”

(Congrats to our colleagues in RhombicD!)
"Neptuno – Oysters. What a great booth! They had a custom tray to display for their oysters too. Did not eat (long line) but appreciated the workmanship of the booth."

[R]ed[U]x Candids

The [R]ed[U]x Lab team had a great time last night; whether it was mingling with celebrity chefs, drinking and eating to their hearts' content, getting interviewed by the media, or deploying and transporting the cart, they thoroughly enjoyed the evening's energy and ambiance.

Team Photos

Architects are foodies.  There are so many commonalities between architects and chefs including:

-we both are familiar with creating extraordinary things from basic ingredients
-we both create things that are necessities of life
-we both are passionate about what we do and create
-we both have to pay our dues in the industry
-we both operate well into the evening

-we both suffer from knife wounds

There are more but likely not suitable for posting...

Needless to say, many architects enjoy watching Food Network or cooking shows on their occasional free moments, so it was a special treat to not only meet and greet with notable restaurateurs and chefs but also people from from Food Network shows including various hosts and participants such as Kevin Brauch (Iron Chef America: The Series and then Thirsty Traveler) and Dustin Gallagher and Steve Gonzales (Top Chef Canada).

A Pan of the Preparation Day

This is a nice panorama of the Honest Ed's parking lot where the festivities of The Stop's Night Market took place.  It is quite incredible to see the difference between the space without the activity of the evening's crowd and the slowly populated parking lot in the day.

Woodlot Shows Well at The Stop Night Market

David Haman's team from Woodlot appeared to be in full swing last night at The Stop Night Market with (quick) lineups of foodies interested in getting a taste of his beef crudo prepared with Volte sunflower oil, balconville vinegar, egg yolk, and rye.  It was interesting to overhear conversations of the patrons lining up commenting on the [R]ed[U]x Lab team's cart design and admittedly even better to hear the Woodlot team express their pleasure with the cart they had to work with.  Not surprisingly Woodlot's savoury creations were ravenously consumed by the patrons (including many return trips!).

[R]ed[U]x Lab Cart at Night

There were many great carts at the Stop Night Market and despite the fact that the event was held on one of the longest days of the year, the [R]ed[U]x Lab cart was designed to gently illuminate in the evening hours as the event went on until 11pm.  Here are some images of the cart illuminated during the latter part of the evening.

Congratulations to Everyone Involved in The Stop Night Market

Let us be perfectly clear - The Stop Night Market was a monumental success.

Everyone who participated and contributed to The Stop Night Market should be commended on a well-executed event! From the legions of volunteers running the operations to the chefs who had to cook in the sweltering heat, this charitable event would not have been possible without every person's input.

Every single person in attendance, whether a restaurateur, a designer, a foodie, or a member of the general public, must have been pleasantly overwhelmed by tonight's inaugural event.  Here are a few snapshots which do not do justice to the complete ambience, experience, and energy of this evening.