Friday, June 22, 2012

More Notable Mentions from The Stop Night Market

A couple more nice mentions came out today about the Night Market event this week.  It certainly is great to hear that others in the media and general public appreciated the work by both Ryerson University, Architectural Science teams! (All images courtesy of their respective sources)

(Article by Jessica Allen and images by Jenna Wakani)
"...The event, which sold out in three days, paired 27 food and drink vendors with 27 design teams–from established designers like 3rd Uncle Design and Brothers Dressler to Ryerson’s Department of Architectural Science– who created whimsical food booths that transformed the alley and parking lot beside Honest Ed’s into a spectacular market space."

At the height of the party (literally)

(Nice article by Rachel Lissner and images courtesy of Remi Carreiro)
"A group of Ryerson students called [R]ED[U]X was responsible for Woodlot’s cart, a wooden structure of graceful arcs and a tiered body with purple lighting. Vincent Hui, the Ryerson architectural science professor who got the students involved, sees architecture and food as a natural marriage. “It’s using fundamental resources for a fundamental need,” he said of the kinship between culinary creativity and architectural design. One of the students, Jason Ramelson, said that the studio visited Woodlot ahead of time to get a feel for the restaurant and incorporate its vision into the cart. He called The Stop’s event “an amalgamation of different tastes” and hailed its use of “informed architecture.”

Suresh Doss, the man behind Toronto’s Underground Market and a street food activist, commended the use of the well-located parking lot. “It’s prime real estate to use for an event,” he said, adding that it achieved the air of a garden party, reminiscent of food events in San Francisco and Brooklyn, and matched the vibe of the food served. He also raised a glass to the wonderfully designed carts and mentioned that Woodlot’s was one of his favourites. (Woodlot really liked the cart, too—Ramelson said that they were interested in buying it from [R]ED[U]X.)"



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