Thursday, June 21, 2012

Team Photos

Architects are foodies.  There are so many commonalities between architects and chefs including:

-we both are familiar with creating extraordinary things from basic ingredients
-we both create things that are necessities of life
-we both are passionate about what we do and create
-we both have to pay our dues in the industry
-we both operate well into the evening

-we both suffer from knife wounds

There are more but likely not suitable for posting...

Needless to say, many architects enjoy watching Food Network or cooking shows on their occasional free moments, so it was a special treat to not only meet and greet with notable restaurateurs and chefs but also people from from Food Network shows including various hosts and participants such as Kevin Brauch (Iron Chef America: The Series and then Thirsty Traveler) and Dustin Gallagher and Steve Gonzales (Top Chef Canada).

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