Friday, August 26, 2022

Protest in the Park - Fabrication

 The Protest in the Park team has begun fabricating the display structure in the DAS Wood Shop. Assembly starts with connecting CNC cut components into individual modules. These modules will join together on-site for more efficient transport and fabrication. 

Fabrication Images: 

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Camp Winston Rejuvenation - Post-Construction Visit

Campers were ecstatic to see the repairs to the pavilion, allowing them to utilize the space again with their cabin, counselors, and friends. 

Camp Winston Fabrication - Post-Construction Visit

Students interacted with the animals that had spent the summer living in the paddock while returning to Camp Winston. Students learned about unanticipated uses of the paddock through interacting with the animals and monitoring their actions. For example, the corrugated polycarbonate surface served as a rough surface on which animals could scratch themselves.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Protest in the Park - Design Proposal #2

Using physical models and prototypes from the previous proposal, the Protest in the Park design team updated the bench to feature more stable seating, as well as more room for artifacts and information within the wooden frame. The bench is now split into modules, each of which can be assembled individually and then connected together on-site, making for a quicker and more efficient installation. Additionally, this design allows individual components of the bench to be quickly built and replaced if needed. The updated proposal is also more suitable for a variety of uses and conditions within Allan Gardens, allowing for increased longevity within the park. 

Drawings and renders:

Modelling and prototyping: