Saturday, October 15, 2011

Initial CUTMR Lamp Meeting

So today we met up for an initial meeting to generate a form driver for the CUTMR lamp design. We began to play around with different hedrons to see what the folding and fractal limitations are. We are going to laser cut some panels Monday to hopefully achieve a more thorough study. Materiality is also going to be an issue; since the design calls for a simple manufacturing technique we have to make the folding simple and straightforward, which may limit us to what our material palette can be. Ultimately we would like something translucent like acrylic, but having folding edges may limit our choices. Below are some panel iterations that we are going to try through the laser cutter to create some forms three dimensionally. Our initial inspiration was the triangular image below, A Link to the Past comes to mind with the Tri-Force design. We are looking for a design that isn't this dense so different lighting situations can occur, and the small number of sides limits us in this sense. Stay tuned!


  1. For more info on the inspiration check out these links!

  2. interesting...keep up the work!