Saturday, June 22, 2013

More PR

It was nice to have a few more foodies take notice of the actual carts that served as the backdrop of the Night Market's exceptional food offerings.  A few notables would include:

Bon Eats
"The designers have certainly upped their game this year, coming up with even more creative but functional booths using mostly reclaimed materials. Some of my favourite designs included the Woodlot/Côte de Boeuf booth, which looked very futuristic when it was all lit up later in the evening..."

The [R]ed[U]x Lab is quite glad to know that the team's upcycling efforts for this year's cart were appreciated by the general public.  It's amazing what can be accomplished with offcuts and materials that would have otherwise gone to waste...

"Three of the booths were designed by students from Ryerson University and the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD)."

The best part was that it has become evident that guests were aware of the institutions that these teams came from - Ryerson University and OCADU... 

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