Monday, September 10, 2012

The Beginnings of Panel Assembly

A lot of the day was spent getting the 30 panels started.  Each panel is constructed of a series of MDF, acrylic and plywood planes held together through the use of perimeter skirts and spacers for support. Syringes are mounted in a backer panel comprised of a plywood sheet routed to accommodate the syringes which are held in place by an MDF plane allowing plungers to move in and out of the barrels. The plungers are attached to a dowel which is in turn fastened to a circular MDF cap which acts as a pushing surface. The frontal plane of the panel is comprised of an acrylic sheet fastened to the back of a final MDF plane which lies behind the outer membrane. So far the Aura team built and assembled the perimeter skirt for each panel, as well as attached the spacers and the frontal plane of the panel.      

Gluing the Perimeter Skirts Together.  

Frontal Plane of Panel

16 More to Go!

Key to Efficient Production - The Assembly Line

Acrylic Layer of Frontal Plane

Adding the spacers

Horizontal Frames of Structure

Attaching Spacers to Vertical Frames

Horizontal and Vertical Frames For the Supporting Structure

Always Clean Up!
Coming Soon!

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