Thursday, September 20, 2012

Form Development and Final Mock-Up

Since developing and finalizing the panel connection details, the Aura Team has been working on putting together our final mock-up assembly. As mentioned in our previous post, we are looking to develop the final form in 16' segments. We will then mark and label every panel, conduit and framing member accordingly to ensure an efficient on-site build. As always, here are some shots of our progress: 
Our 16' long box frame comprised of 4 wall panels and 2 ceiling assemblies

The frame is quite large - the team had to temporarily brace the assembly seeing as it does not currently rest against two adjacent walls as it would on site
After getting the framing together we got to work on hammering out some lengths of conduit according to the detail we developed last weekend

We then began suspending panels in a rough angular layout 

The panel assembly from the rear looks a little chaotic- however we discovered some issues with how the conduit was mounted and how it was affecting our gap tolerances - this slowed down the assembly process but also provided valuable insight as to how the rest of the segments should come together

The beginning of the first section of our 60' long ribbon

A close up of our precise seems that are so difficult to achieve

The side profile of the lit panels demonstrates an undulating tesselation of light

A panel close up (caps, plungers and fabric are yet to be installed)

Some night-time sneek peeks at the entire lit assembly
As the team looks toward our Sept. 29th due date, this next week is sure to be interesting. Our plans are to complete all three mock-up segments by Tuesday next week. This will be followed by cap/plunger installation, tubing installaby mid-day next Friday, but there is sure to be some speed bumps between now and then. tion and the wrapping of our fabric. The team is hoping to be on site assembling framing and panels

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