Monday, September 24, 2012

Improving Assembly and Overhead Panel Construction

One of the many benefits to building a full scale mock-up is finding new ways to improve upon the installation for the final set-up on Sept 29th.  Previously, the Aura team completed one side of the ribbon, and while we were happy with how it came together, we felt it could use some improvement in the construction phase.  In construction the next phase of the ribbon, we used a hinge connection between the panels that greatly improved the time and ease of connecting nine panels at an angular layout.  It also resulted in a cleaner looking segment that achieved the result we intended when we first began designing and modelling the Aura installation.

A shot of our hinge connection.  This allowed us to easily secure the panels before mounting the conduit and also enabled us to determine the right angle that each panel would be placed at as each panel could be manipulated to achieve the right look.

The hinge connection also also cut down our construction time  as well as the number of people needed for setting up each panel, thus making the overall construction more efficient.  

The second section of our ribbon showing the angular layout of the panels.  

Our work over the weekend also involved completing the overhead phase of the ribbon, which proved to be quite challenging.  We wanted to ensure that the right transition would occur from the wall mounted panels to the overhead ones and allowed for us to determine the best way to assemble them on-site.  Each panel is first raised with rope and the lifted in place.  We then secure the panels with the braided steel cables and then the next panel is added sequentially.  Once the panels have been attached to each other and the frame we then began to adjust the angle and placement of each to ensure the correct form.  

As shown in our initial mock-up, each of the panels are suspended by braided steel cables fastened to an eye bolt. 

Undershot of the overhead panels with hinge connections. 

Fastening the hinge connections to the panels.

Lifting the third panel in place.

Determining how best to transition the overhead panels to the vertical (wall mounted) panels.

View of overhead panels from above.

View from end segment of ribbon.  This is just 1/2 of the overhead condition as a symmetrical segment would continue on the other side.  

Close up of the panels and their seams.

View from underneath panels looking towards the end of the segment

Panels lit up to make sure everything is properly connected and to demonstrate the overhead illumination.  

The Aura team documenting their work.

View of panels from below.

Fil (6'-3) demonstrating how high the panels are suspended (7'-0" at its highest)

Stay tuned this week for more updates as it is sure to be busy with Nuit Blanche fast approaching!

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