Friday, September 28, 2012

Home Stretch

As Nuit Blanche draws closer and closer (tomorrow!), the Aura team has been working hard to ensure a strong finish.  With all the final mock-up completed, we spent the week completing the panels.  All of the dowels were inserted and syringes filled with, an effort that could not be completed with the many volunteers that came to help.

Each of the panels were organized by two vertical wall-mounted sections and overhead, and then within each section the panels were connected by tubing filled with water attached to the syringes.  This proved to be the quite tedious as each panel had 64 syringes and we had to ensure that tubing was secured properly and connected to the right panel.  After a few days of hard work, we succeeded!  Currently we are attaching the last bit of fabric to the remaining panels and will then transfer them over to the site to be attached to the framing.  Stayed tuned for more photos and updates!

Each of the syringes were placed in a pool of water so that the dowels could be pulled to fill the syringes
The Aura team and volunteers ensuring that the syringes are filled correctly
A closer up of the dowels on the panels before fabric is attached.
Panels were arranged as they would be when connected to the framing so that right panels are connected to each other.
Various length of tubing was cut and filled with water depending on the distance between connecting dowels.
The tubing was then attached to each panel.
A view of a completed set of panels connected with tubing.  When the panels are illuminated light will also penetrate to the back of the panels and illuminate the syringes.
A view of our great volunteers who spent time helping us connect all those tubes!
A close-up view of the syringe connected to the back of a panel with fabric attached.
Almost there! A few more panels left to attach fabric to
View of a completed panel with fabric attached.
Close of outer fabric membrane with the some dowels extended.

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