Thursday, August 6, 2015

[R]ed[U]x Lab at Come Up To My Room 2016: FLUX

Returning once again to the Gladstone Hotel, a [R]ed[U]x Lab team led by Jessica and Robyn have been awarded the public bar space at the upcoming 2016 Come Up To My Room design showcase. These ladies have decided to use this installation as a vehicle to showcase their investigations into smart materials - specifically photo- and thermochromic pigments (changing colour with light and heat respectively). An excerpt from their project description states:

The use of photochromic pigments on the skin of the structure will create an environment that is constantly changing - from white (perhaps at midday with full sun exposure) to a burnt sunset (at night when in the presence of solely artificial lighting), Thermochromic pigment will also be used on the bar, the back of the seating, and body-level areas, generating surprise and user interaction. 
The second floor balcony alcove was highlighted as a promising site for this sculptural installation due to its enclosed nature and southern exposure (for maximum UV presence). Structurally the design is formed by a CNC-ed wood lattice which would slot together on site and form the framework for the interactive "skin" or vacuum formed modules. 

Though the work will be assembled for January 2016, we will keep on posting updates and prototypes as the team develops their work from design imagery to built reality.

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