Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Cone Coverage Part II

Just in case we haven't captured everything about the Snow Cone and Winter Stations Work:

Toronto Star

"Inspired by the form of a pine cone, the “Snowcone” was designed to act as a stained-glass greenhouse when it’s sunny, while using protruding white petals to catch falling snow and transform the hut into an igloo after a storm.
“It goes from transparent to opaque, using snow for insulation,” said Lily Jeon, who designed the structure on a computer with classmate Diana Koncan."
Urban Toronto
"Snow Cone takes the form of a pine cone-shaped geodesic dome structure, built with 3/4 inch electrical metallic tubing conduits assembled using bolts. The installation is made up of translucent acrylic leaves and transparent coloured acrylic panels bolted to exterior. The exterior of the warming station is easily the most eye-catching of the installations, and the views from within the structure's multicolour panels are equally impressive."


"Designed by a student team from Ryerson’s Department of Architectural Science, this vibrant, geodesic dome-like structure resembles a giant pine cone. Its translucent acrylic panels bring some much-needed colour to the surrounding winter landscape."

House and Home


Thanks to Farah for the monitoring...

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