Friday, June 20, 2014

Following up on the Media Fallout from The Stop's Night Market 2014

Once again the Night Market has drawn to an end and designers and restauranteurs alike can take a bit of a breather before returning to the intensity of their daily routines. At the end of the final day, designers and chefs had a great opportunity to show of their skills, the general public had a great chance to take in all the great work, and most importantly, The Stop raised a great deal of money and attention towards their great cause.

From Toronto Life and BlogTO to Now Magazine and View the Vibe, the mainstream media converged on the event and had great things to say.  Congratulations to the Design Build Grow team with [R]ed[U]x Lab alumni, Margot and Sarah, on their "Best in Show" win from Designlines!

And of course, the public measure of success was the great in social media.

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