Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bata Shoe Museum's Window Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary

Once again the Department of Architectural Science through [R]ed[U]x Lab have been asked to design, detail, and deliver on a window display that celebrates Canada's 150th anniversary. This was a difficult task given the benchmark established by the current installation, foot[age], a collaboration between Architectural Science and Interior Design students, led by [R]ed[U]x alumni and DFZ technicians Fil Tisler and Naveed Khan.

This initiative is led by Lisa Boulatova with John Zhang and Liam Hall with the support of students in the Department of Architectural Science. This design draws upon the provincial flowers as a unifying element wrapping around the prominent window. Composed of an array of 3D printed shoes, the installation undulates beyond a subtle backdrop that has been evolving for the past few months. This looks to be one of the [R]ed[U]x Lab's first projects that use the medium beyond prototyping and instead serving as the actual output.

Below are samples of the initial proposal to the Bata Shoe Museum. Special thanks to Remi for the excellent initial photos to work from in the montages.

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