Monday, December 2, 2013

Friday Night Live at the Royal Ontario Museum

Recently the [R]ed[U]x Lab collaborated with MakeLab on the Friday Night Live events at the Royal Ontario Museum.  This has been a great opportunity for the general public to not only take in the incredible exhibits at the museum in the late evenings, but also experience firsthand the technologies the [R]ed[U]x Lab team take for granted including 3D modelling and 3D printing.  Based upon the current exhibition, Mesopotamia: Inventing our world, the event had [R]ed[U]x Lab members create a series of components of Mesopotamian buildings which were made accessible to the general public on iPads using 123D Design where individuals could custom design city blocks and have them 3D printed on a bank of 10 printers.  Not only did the team create the virtual building blocks of the city, but they also created a display table for all the 3D prints (which has continued the group's tradition of putting lights into the design).  Not content with just helping out on the development of the Friday Night Live material, the [R]ed[U]x Lab team also assisted and oversaw guests at the event as they brought their respective Mesopotamian city blocks to tangible reality.

Here are some photos of the team assembling the display table and setting up on the first night of the event.

Naveed preparing the table with one of the laser cutters...

Gary finishing off and cradling the display table...


 The team including Jeff, Stuart, Ariel, Naveed, and Gary mingling with the Friday Night Live visitors as they create their own 3D models and prepare to 3D print.

And of course the 3D prints begin to emerge - each one as unique as its creator. Starting off with a simple blank grid at the beginning of the evening and later transforming into a miniature Mesopotamian city, the event was a successful collaboration among [R]ed[U]x Lab, MakeLab, the Royal Ontario Museum, and students from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Information.

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