Thursday, May 16, 2013

ING Cart Continues

Apparently when it rains it certainly pours! In a rather interesting coincidence, the [R]ed[U]x Lab teams have been busy putting together two carts at the same time! Currently the group is putting together the ING Direct community outreach cart while simultaneously working on the Night Market 2013 cart.  Fortunately the group has a great resource in the Department of Architectural Science workshop!

As you can see, Fil and Tiff have begun the CNC work for the ING Cart.  Unlike the Night Market cart design, the ING Cart calls for mobility and deployability so the assembly and reassembly of components had to be thought of. More importantly, another parameter that the team had to deal with was the size of the transport - the entire cart had to be able to fit in the back of a car! Fortunately Tiff serves as a great benchmark to get a sense of scale.

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