Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aura: The On-Site Installation

After recuperating from last weekend's Nuit Blanche events the team is excited to share some photos of the final on-site construction/installation process. With an intensive two day construction process through all hours of the day and night, the team managed to complete the installation just in time. Here are some shots documenting the process:

Filip and Tony waiting for the crosswalk at Church and Gould shipping our framing units to site

In true Nuit Blanche fashion - erecting our framing by moonlight

Our framing in place ready for tarps and panels

As part of the contingency plan, the team decided to install tarps above the structure. This ensured dark conditions inside the alley and kept any chance of rain from affecting the installation.

Due to the tight on-site time constraints, the team was forced to bring in work lights to get the panel assembly started on Friday night

Our trooper volunteers Ariel Cooke and Rachel Law who were our security guards on Saturday morning. Also - a huge thanks to Cassandra Murphy and Gary Luk for sticking it out overnight so the assembly team could get a couple hours sleep. 

Shauna cleaning up all the vinyl tubing mess peeking out from below the panels

Our electrician Andrew completing our final wiring on site

I guess when working 18 hours a day you're bound to have some odd-faced photos of Nick

A peek from above at our overhead segment coming together

The final lighting test once the panels were suspended in place 

Stay tuned for some final Nuit Blanche photos coming in our next post!

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