Thursday, May 24, 2012

Physical Permutations - Version Three

Hardware is now inclusive of all our explorations, both for its aesthetic and structural qualities. It has narrowed our form explorations and, consequently lead to decisions on structure (as we initially hoped!). 

In keeping with the idea of fluidity and continuity, the detailing of the cart will be resultant on the integration of digital explorations grounded by the physical realm.
The amalgation of digital and physical information within a the parameters of material and hardware should help guide us.

With form and structure on the run, the use of light has to now come into play. The layering of the material strips allows for some very interesting light and shadow; the next challenge will be incorporating it into the structure itself.

But hey, our clamp count is down! We must be doing something right...


Weave detail

Fewer clamps!


Light and shadow

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