Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Insane in the Membrane"

The initial impressions of how to exact our intervention on the room designated for the upcoming exhibition often lead to the discussion of manipulating light and creating space. The strategy i'm experimenting with now is the potential of the "membrane" and how this may fulfill those intentions. What properties shape and limit the definition of a membrane as a physical entity? Porosity, the aggregation of component modules, the third dimension, layering, and "hosting" are ideas i've considered, question, and plan to explore in relation to that definition. See below some experiments with these themes and strategies.

Apparent through these experiments is the use of rapid prototyping tools such as our in house laser cutter. The invisible benefit to such a tool is its speed in helping me experiment with sizing, connection methods, and improvisation. What I'm referring to in the last point is that though i had drawings of what to cut in two dimensions i didn't prepare anything in 3d, and therefore the potential of the modules had to be explored physically and with the use of enough modules to understand the effect that they create when aggregated. Furthermore, the module of the first images and that of the last images emerged out of the same 2d cut piece that was simply folded/bent in a different configuration. This last one has a lot of potential. The pattern is not immediately identifiable yet in these images and requires some refinement in the locking mechanisms and proportions in order to clarify what that pattern is. The need for a superframe to regulate the module may also need development.

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